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Retired High-ranking Admiral and General: To Accept the FY2018 Budget Proposal is a Mistake

In a recent Politico article, retired Admiral Mike Mullen and retired General James Jones make a case for global engagement and international aid, urging Congress not to accept the Trump administration’s proposed FY2018 budget, specifically the 32% cut to the Department of State and USAID accounts. They warn:

Pennsylvania Appropriator Stresses Power of Exchanges During House Hearing on FY2018 State Department Budget

During this week’s House State-Foreign Operations (SFOPS) Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing on the administration’s FY2018 budget request for the Department of State, Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent (R) voiced his strong support for educational and cultural exchange programs and expressed concern about the 55% cut to exchange program funding proposed by the Trump administration for FY2018.

Exchange Programs Highlighted During Senate Hearing on FY2018 State Department Budget

Educational and cultural exchange programs were mentioned twice during a hearing of the Senate State-Foreign Operations (SFOPS) Appropriations Subcommittee this week. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared before the committee to review the administration’s FY2018 budget request for the U.S. Department of State.

Administration’s FY2018 Budget Proposes Critical Cuts to Educational and Cultural Exchanges

The Trump administration’s proposed FY2018 budget, released on May 23, includes a 55% cut to Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs compared to the $634 million funding level provided in the FY2017 omnibus bill that was passed and signed into law earlier this month. The administration’s budget would fund exchange programs at $285 million [refer to pp. 770-771 of the Appendix for exchanges]. 

Former President George W. Bush and Senator Bob Corker Express Support for U.S. Foreign Aid Programs

In light of the sharp cuts to the International Affairs budget recently proposed by the Trump administration, former President George W. Bush in an interview with NPR argued for continued foreign aid funding as well as citizenship pathways for undocumented immigrants. Similarly, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, pushed back against proposed funding cuts to humanitarian assistance programs, according to the Associated Press.