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There are multiple reports that senior White House officials are considering steep cuts to  J1 visas for Summer Work Travel, Intern/Trainee, Camp Counselor, and other programs as part of the implementation of the Buy American, Hire American (BAHA) Executive Order. This threat, combined with the Trump administration’s unprecedented proposed cuts to the International Affairs budget, makes exchange advocacy more important than ever!

The Alliance’s letter-writing system makes it easy for you to contact your Members of Congress and it only takes a minute or two to take action. The pre-written letters can be sent as crafted by the Alliance or can be customized by the sender. [*If the link takes you to a page saying “page expired,” it means we do not currently have an active action alert. Please check back soon for new campaigns.]

Advocacy Resources​​

The resources below are meant to help you advocate for exchanges in your own community.

How to write to your Members of Congress

Write your Members of Congress in support of international exchange programs by following just a few easy steps.

How to visit a Member of Congress' state or district office

Meetings at a state or district office of your Member of Congress can be a particularly effective way to convey your message.

How to engage your own network in advocacy

Engaging your broader membership and professional/personal networks in simple ways can be an effective complement to the targeted advocacy of writing a handcrafted letter and visiting your Member of Congress’ local office.

More Advocacy Resources​


Exchange program fact sheets

The Alliance’s Fact Sheets provide valuable programmatic information and guide our Congressional advocacy on on behalf of international exchange programs.

Impact of exchanges one-pager

One-page handout for your meetings with Congressmen and Representatives.

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