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Emotional First Aid

In March and June of 2019, The Alliance for International Exchange held two workshops in San Francisco and New York on the topic of Emotional First Aid. We brought in the experts to discuss topics relating to mental health, communication tools, adolescent development, and crisis management. Specifically, the workshop focused on the interplay of these topics in the international education setting and will provide tactical solutions for staff members who facilitate programs and interact with participants. 

Advocacy 2.0

In 2017 and 2018, the Alliance held multiple Advocacy 2.0 Workshops. The Advocacy 2.0 Workshop included a look into the deeper political “game” and its elements: the keys to winning elections; the power that political leaders have over rank and file legislators; who really has influence on the legislative process; and how to win the “Inside Game.” All of these elements were explored in-depth through an interactive process and two separate breakout sessions to help you develop sophisticated strategies for external engagement.

Strategic Communications

In 2016, the Alliance held several Strategic Communications workshops in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. The workshop helped participants establish effective messages and foster productive engagement with media outlets. Specifically, participants learned key words to use when creating messaging, local media outreach, rapid response strategies, how to handle negative coverage, and how to use the Alliance as a communications resource.