The Collective Public Policy Voice of the Exchange Community

People for International Exchange

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the international exchange community is facing overwhelming challenges. As the situation evolves, it is more important now than ever to connect to stakeholders in the exchange community. Working through our members, we invite individuals and organizations to participate in the People for International Exchange initiative. If you have received such an invitation, please apply here to participate.

People for International Exchange (“P4”) is an initiative of the Alliance for International Exchange and its members designed to give stakeholders in the United States a way to demonstrate support for programs that increase mutual understanding between people throughout the world. Stakeholders include alumni, associations, community supporters, elected officials, host institutions and families, program sponsors, service providers, and others in the United States.

The Alliance is a membership association that serves as the collective public policy voice of the exchange community. The Alliance mission is to promote the growth and impact of exchange, and the effectiveness of its members. In pursuing our mission, we are enabling non-member stakeholders in the U.S. through this initiative to write letters to government officials and celebrate programs on Exchange Day. In the future, we will have additional ways in which people can promote our collective mission.

The Alliance looks forward to working with you to promote the expansion and impact of international exchange programs.


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