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Afghanistan Task Force

Nearly every organizational member of the Alliance for International Exchange has been impacted somehow by the fall of the Afghan government in August 2021.

Since the civilian surge under President Barack Obama and the Kerry-Lugar-Berman legislation in 2010, Afghanistan has been one of the highest – if not the highest – priority countries for U.S. public diplomacy efforts to build trust with emerging leaders in the country. Between 2003-2021, a majority of at-risk Afghan civil society leaders have been the beneficiaries of these exchange programs; their participation in them and close association with the United States puts their livelihoods and lives in danger. Scores more of Afghan students and young professionals have studied in the United States and/or participated in summer/work/travel programs. 

The purpose of this task force is to help members contribute most effectively to supporting at-risk Afghans, especially those who are involved in international education as participants or partners, including human and women’s rights activists, educators, journalists and media representatives, former government officials, non-profit leaders, and other civil society leaders. The task force adds the Alliance for International Exchange’s voice to advocacy efforts and provides members with information to navigate in their communities and with their constituencies.  

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