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Assistant Secretary Marie Royce and Portuguese Ambassador to the United States Domingos Fezas Vital signed an MOU on February 11.

The ceremony commemorated the launch of a 12-month pilot program that will run for five years,initially,between both nations with the intent to provide structured training for young American and Portuguese participants interested in learning about innovation, organizational growth and development. The Program was created based on collaboration among the Office of Private Sector Exchange (ECA), the U.S. Embassy in Portugal, and the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

The focus of the program will be on innovation – Portuguese interns/trainees will train at U.S. host organizations (for-profit and non-profit) that evidence innovation, are at an early stage in their development, or are pursuing advanced manufacturing.

Assistant Secretary Royce, following the signing, tweeted; “Today I was pleased to sign an entrepreneur-focused MOU, with Ambassador Domingos Fezaz Vital, between the U.S. and Portugal. Aimed at increasing global competitiveness, the program provides reciprocal benefits to U.S. and Portuguese participants. A win for both our countries.”