Raise your voice in support of international exchange

Given the steep cuts to the International Affairs budget and exchange programs proposed by the Trump administration, and the increased scrutiny privately-funded exchanges have been subject to for several years, exchange advocacy is more important than ever. 

As you know, educational and cultural exchange programs have a proven track record of promoting U.S. national security, strengthening the U.S. economy, and increasing mutual understanding between the U.S. and nations worldwide. For these vital public diplomacy programs to continue to flourish, policymakers in Washington need to hear directly from citizens across the United States about the local impact of exchanges in their home states and districts. They need to be aware that exchange programs benefit local communities, colleges and universities, high schools, businesses, and individual citizens. 

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The Alliance’s role in promoting international exchange

As part of its mission, the Alliance promotes the growth and impact of exchange programs and the effectiveness of its members by engaging in advocacy and building public awareness of the power of exchanges. 

By developing contacts throughout the United States, we involve our community in a broad, systematic dialogue with elected representatives. By doing so, we build public and congressional support for international exchange programs.

For more than 50 years, a strong federal role has been vital to the success of international exchange programs. That role must be maintained to ensure continued benefits to the United States and its global partners. By engaging its members in dynamic advocacy, the Alliance works to ensure that the policy climate for international issues such as international exchange and person-to-person diplomacy continues to flourish.

Contact your Representative or Senator in support of international exchange programs

The Alliance's letter-writing system makes it easy for you to contact your Members of Congress and it only takes a minute or two to take action. The pre-written letters can be sent as crafted by the Alliance or can be customized by the sender.

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Advocacy Resources

The resources below are meant to help you advocate for exchanges in your own community.

How to write to your Members of Congress

How to visit a Member of Congress' state or district office

How to engage your own network in advocacy

Exchange program fact sheets

Impact of exchanges one-pager