Raise your voice in support of international exchange

For international exchange programs to continue to flourish, policymakers in Washington need to hear from citizens across the United States about the value of exchanges in their communities, their schools, and their campuses.

Write your Member of Congress in support of international exchange here.


The Alliance’s role in promoting international exchange

As part of its mission, the Alliance marshals grassroots constituencies to advocate for the general health and welfare of international exchange programs and for foreign affairs policies that support these programs. By developing contacts throughout the United States, we involve our community in a broad, systematic dialogue with elected representatives in order to build public and congressional support for international exchange.

For more than 50 years, a strong federal role has been vital to the success of international exchange programs. That role must be maintained to ensure continued benefits to the United States and its global partners. By engaging its members in dynamic advocacy, the Alliance works to ensure that the policy climate for international issues such as international exchange and person-to-person diplomacy continues to flourish.