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Ilir Zherka

As published on the StudyTravel Magazine of EnglishUSA on December 5, 2018. This week, we interview Ilir Zherka of the Alliance for International Exchange about the group's activities, useful resources for agents, and how it marked its 25th anniversary. Firstly, can...

Speaking up for International Exchange Programs

As published on the Global Ties U.S. website on October 29, 2018. By Sue Yang, Senior Director for External Relations, Alliance for International Exchange Advocacy is at the nexus of policy, people, and exchanges. If you've ever wondered how policymakers decide on...

Professional Exchanges Support U.S. Public Diplomacy Goals

Young professionals around the world are striving to compete in today’s global economy. As individuals have become more interconnected with their counterparts across the world, international training has also become a highly valued skill. American policymakers are...

SWT: Just the Facts on Cultural Exchange

Ilir Zherka, Contributor Executive Director of the Alliance for International Exchange Just the Facts on Cultural Exchange 09/14/2017 08:32 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2017   A recent study by Pew found that the United State’s favorability rating globally hovers below...

International Exchange Programs Receive Unprecedented Support

It has been a busy summer for those of us who promote the growth and impact of international exchange programs. In May, the White House released a detailed budget that called for an unprecedented 32 percent cut to the Department of State, and a 55 percent cut to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), which funds and oversees a wide range of critical international exchange programs which enable people-to-people diplomacy. If enacted, these cuts would greatly damage the United States’ soft power diplomacy and put our nation at risk.

International Exchange Programs are Vital to America’s Security

The Trump administration has proposed cuts in FY18 of 28 percent to the State Department, with much deeper cuts likely to the Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs, and a significant narrowing of the types of exchange programs our country supports. If enacted into law, these combined changes would greatly harm our nation’s public diplomacy efforts and, ultimately, our national security and economy.

Letter to the Editor: Politico “They Think We Are Slaves”

POLITICO’s coverage of the Au Pair Program (“They Think We Are Slaves,” March 27) was surprisingly one-sided. While any report of an au pair having a less than positive stay in America is troubling, one would get the impression from your story that this is the rule rather than the exception.