Alliance member Diversity Abroad published the 2019 Survey of Diversity & Inclusion Among International Educators during International Education Week.  

According to the survey, which garnered 1,003 respondents, the racial/ethnic make-up of the 2019 respondents was more diverse than the 2018 pool with 35.1% identifying as diverse racial/ethnic professionals and 64.9% of survey respondents identifying as White professionals. Nearly a third (31.5%) of those who responded to the question about first-generation status identified as the first in their family to complete a college degree.

Women represented 75.6% of the respondents and men 23.1%, non-binary or third gender made up 0.7%, 0.4% preferred not to disclose their gender, and 0.2% selected to self-describe their gender. Most survey respondents (80.2%) identify as heterosexual or straight. The majority of survey participants do not identify as having a disability (78.5%).