Fulbright Program to resume in Libya, double in size

The Department of State plans to resume Fulbright student and scholarly exchanges and English language training programs in Libya, the Associated Press and the Chronicle of Higher Education both report. The re-launch of these exchange programs will comes as part of an $11 million aid package to Libya, announced today by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to the country. 

UPDATE: In her remarks at the World Islamic Call Society in Tripoli, Secretary Clinton specifically noted that the size of the Fulbright program in Libya will be doubled, and that new English language class will be started all across Libya:

We are also very focused on the young people of Libya who have the most to gain from this new freedom. And today I am pleased to announce we are resuming the Fulbright program and doubling its size to permit even more Libyan students to study and train in my country. We will also open new English language classes across Libya for young people and provide special training for Libyan veterans with disabilities because of their combat experience.