Clinton stresses need for exchanges with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo

During her visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted the need for increased exchanges between these countries and the U.S., as well as with Europe.

At a town hall meeting yesterday with students and civil society leaders in Sarajevo, Clinton stressed that:

“We need more interactions between our universities, we need more exchanges, we need more programs that we can share.”

Meeting today with students, women leaders, and members of civil society in Pristina, Clinton added:

“[…] The young people that I’m looking at right now and all whom you represent really hold the keys to the future. […] I want to have more cooperation between our universities in the United States and your institutions here in Kosovo. I want to have more exchange programs. Some of you may have already been on one of our American exchange programs to study English, to study government. I want that to be more of an opportunity. But I don’t think you should just go to the United States; we should have more exchange programs with Europe and other places in the world so that you can tell the story of Kosovo. Every one of you is a messenger about your country, your village, if you will.”