State Department proposes EVP fee changes

The Department of State released a proposed rule in this morning’s Federal Register to revise the fees and charges assessed for providing Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) services. Notably, the rule proposes to increase the fee for an application for designation or an application for redesignation to $2,700 (an increase of $952 from the current fee of $1,748). Regarding this fee increase, the rule notes:

The increase in program designation and redesigantion (sic) requests is necessary to recoup the costs of application reviews, requests for amendments to program designations, and allotment requests, as well as the cost for enhanced compliance programs, regulatory review and development, outreach and general program administration, as explained below. These changes are necessary because the current fee for program designation and redesignation applications was calculated on a unit cost basis that assumed and projected a larger number of such applications than has proven to be received.

In addition, the rule proposed to decrease the fee for foreign national exchange participants requesting individual program services from the current $246 per request to $233 per request.

The Department will accept public comments on this rule through November 30, 2010. The Alliance welcomes input from members for an Alliance comment letter.