Rising middle class creates increased demand for U.S. summer camps

In response to an increased international demand for U.S. summer camps, many universities and school districts across the U.S. are “developing home-grown summer enrichment programs,” which target the rising middle class in countries such as China who “can send their children to experience American life – and possibly set the stage for going to college in the USA,” USA Today reports.

These types of U.S. summer camps, which according to USA Today highlight “some of the USA’s best-known universities,” aim to “attract affluent parents eager to give their children a glimpse of prestigious schools such as Yale, Harvard and Stanford.”

Many institutions across the U.S. have been offering summer camps to international students for as long as several decades:

For more than 30 years, [the University of California-Riverside] has hosted a summer high school camp for international students. Not only has the program seen a ‘significant increase’ in interest and enrollments in the last few years, it has also faced increased competition from study tour operators, who offer short visits to multiple campuses.

Other U.S. institutions are increasing their summer programs in response to popular demand. The public school district of Janesville, Wisconsin, for example, is bringing more than 30 students from China to Janesville this week to explore the University of Wisconsin campuses and learn about American culture.

And Colgate University “[will be] hosting 29 college students from Xiamen University” as part of a new partnership between the two universities. “The program … introduces students to graduate-student life and includes visits to Cornell, Columbia and George Washington universities,” USA Today notes.