U.S. and World Education Act nets 200+ cosponsors, but sees little action

The U.S. and World Education Act (HR 3359), introduced in July 2009 by Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), picked up its 214th co-sponsor last week. The bill was referred to Education and Labor Committee when it was first introduced last summer, though no indication has been given as to if and when the bill may pass.

The stated goal of the bill is to “raise achievement in international education in elementary schools and secondary schools through grants to improve teacher competency and to support programs in international education that supplement core curricula in such schools.” Introducing the bill on the House floor last year, Sanchez said:

I firmly believe that our schools today do not focus enough on preparing our youth to interact and to communicate with other countries and cultures. And given the current economic crisis, future generations must be equipped with a skill set that will help them to excel academically and contribute to our Nation’s economic recovery.


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