Fulbright looks to increase engagement with community colleges

Dovetailing with the White House’s focus on the important role played by two-year institutions in American education, the Department of State and the Fulbright Program are seeking to involve community colleges more in exchanges, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. Community college students require the same skills to enter a globalized work force as their peers in four-year institutions, but often “have fewer opportunities to study abroad because many of them work, have families, or face financial hardships.”

“About 40 per cent of our students will go directly into the work force, where globalization is becoming increasingly important,” said Wayne C. Wheeler, director of international programs and services for the American Association of Community Colleges. “Since study abroad isn’t a viable option for many of our students, the Fulbright Program is one way colleges can bring the world to their campuses.”

To help provide more international opportunities for community college students, the Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs says it plans to “step up efforts to promote [Fulbright] opportunities to students, instructors, and administrators at two-year institutions.”