International enrollment surges at U.S. business schools

International student enrollment in U.S. MBA programs has climbed back up to “pre-recession levels,” Bloomberg Businessweek reports:

“Average international enrollment at those [business] schools is now 33.4 per cent, up from 30.2 per cent at the height of the economic crisis, when visa and financing issues prevented many international applicants from enrolling.”

Citing a Council of Graduate Schools report released in November, Businessweek notes that the largest increase in total international graduate enrollment at U.S. colleges and universities occurred in business, with a 6 per cent gain following no growth in 2010.

China and the Middle East predominantly buttressed this growth in international MBA enrollment: 39 per cent of two-year, full-time MBA programs in 2011 reported that China was their largest increasing source of international applicants, while first-time graduate enrollment from the Mideast for all program types was up 14 per cent.