Au pair volunteers at local high school to share her culture

Belton, Texas, au pair Scarlett Palomoone recently volunteered at a local high school to assist students in their Spanish lll class. Scarlett is from El Salvador and since the class was beginning a project on Central America they were excited about the the opportunity to learn about her country first-hand. The students asked Scarlett a variety of questions about her home country including what type of music was considered "traditional", if uniforms were required at school, and even a few questions about the politics of El Salvador. It was a great opportunity for Scarlett to share her love for her country and culture with the students.

One interesting question that was asked was regarding graduation rates of students in El Salvador. Scarlett told the class that many students leave school before graduating to go to work to help support their family. While this was a great learning experience for the students of the high school, it was a great learning experience for Scarlett as well. Belton New Tech High School is an ‘Apple Distinguished School’ that focuses on intertwining technology and learning, so Scarlett was very excited to learn more about how the school uses technology as part of the learning process. She was able to ask them many questions about schooling here in the U.S. and how it was similar to or different from that of El Salvador.

Scarlett reflected:

"Talking with New Tech High School showed me that this kind of learning is beneficial because they prepare the students for real life, they will be able to think in teams and help others with these special skills.”

Both Scarlett and the students had a wonderful time and each learned something new about the others' culture. Scarlett was amazed that it didn't seem like the “traditional high schools that she has seen in movies”, and she was very impressed with the student tour guides who told her that the three principles of the school are Trust, Respect, and Responsibility. All in all, it was a very great visit and she hopes to continue volunteering at the school during her program year.

Author: AuPairCare

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