Au Pairs volunteer at the Special Olympics

Au Pairs from Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania donated their time and energy at the 2016 Special Olympic Games - an experience they benefited from tremendously.

Early on a cool, rainy Saturday Au Pairs from France, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Czech Republic, Poland, Colombia, and Germany arrived at Whitemarsh High School in Plymouth Meeting, PA to support the participating athletes. Each Au Pair was paired up with an athlete for the day to cheer them on and encourage them in the various competitions. Area Director Michele Greenockle kicked things off by bringing Au Pairs and their buddies together to warm up with some jumping jacks and push-ups. It quickly transitioned into a dance party as the athletes showed off their talents and brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Camilla from Brazil reflected:

"The whole experience in the Special Olympics was amazing! How incredible to see everyone working so hard. Even though the day was rainy, everybody had such a positive energy! It was so much fun dancing, laughing and having a blast! The athletes have so much to teach us, their determination was truly inspiring! I really enjoyed being part of it!”

Area Director Michele Greenockle added:

“Several coaches and parents came over to tell me how amazing the Au Pairs were at engaging and supporting their athletes! It was an inspirational day for the Au Pairs to be involved and give back to their local US community; it also touched the lives of the athletes who held their medals high with pride!”

As the largest volunteer group, AuPairCare had 18 Au Pairs and even 2 host children who participated in the event. The rain didn't hold back any Au Pair from showing their support and making a difference!

Author: AuPairCare