Local News on Exchange

The Alliance maintains an archive of news stories about international exchange that appear in local U.S. media sources. While the Alliance's Policy Monitor provides coverage and analysis of exchange policy trends and developments at the national and international levels, the Local News Archive rounds out this service, presenting state and district views of international exchange programs and their effect on individual Americans and communities throughout the U.S. 


Local news stories can be browsed chronologically, or by state and/or month. 

For a full archive of local news stories, Click on your state


How you can use the Local News Archive

Forward stories to your Senators and Representative to reinforce the importance of international exchange in your area. To find your Members’ email addresses, it is best to visit their websites:

Use the stories in your handcrafted letters as part of the Raise Your Voice for International Exchange campaign.

Use the stories in promotion of your own programs and services, in recruiting participants or volunteers, or in any other way you see fit.

Send us stories!

If you spot a story in your local media that is not yet in the Alliance archive, please email it to us!