Au Pair learns about American politics, meets House Representative

Au Pair Julie from France recently spent an educational day in Georgia, learning about the American political process. Her time with a local political party in Hall County, Georgia, gave her firsthand experience on how the United States’ representative government works.

“In France, the process is very different, people do not talk or discuss who they vote for, it is much more secretive. It’s impressive to see how the election process works in the United States, and how much fun people have while they freely participate in the election of their president,” said Julie.

Throughout the day, Julie was able to take part in classes discussing both the Constitution of the United States and the Preamble to the Constitution. She was fascinated by the longevity of the U.S. Constitution and how statements made by George Washington over 200 years ago are still relevant today.

“It’s amazing how well these documents outlined their purposes for why they were written, and how the writing made them easy to understand even today”, said Julie.

Julie has enjoyed her time living in Georgia and learning not only about the different ideologies and political processes, but meeting new people in her community, living with her host parents and truly experiencing American culture. She loves living in and traveling around the State of Georgia!

Author: AuPairCare