Celebrate J Day!

J Day is a nationwide celebration of the power of international exchange. International exchange participants will come together with their American hosts to “eat, play, and give” — to share cultural diversity and American customs, to give back to their communities, and to have some fun. J Day is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) and spread the word about the power and breadth of cultural exchange.

J Day was piloted in the summer of 2014 by three Alliance members — CCI Greenheart, CENET: Cultural Exchange Network, and Spirit Cultural Exchange.

J Day this year will be on August 6, 2018.


How does J Day work?

All J Day events in all locations will happen on the same day:

  • Each participating sponsor picks a location where it has a significant number of exchange participants. Sponsors are encouraged to collaborate on events and include Alliance partners, host employers, local citizens and officials, etc., where suitable.
  • Everyone participating in J Day should tweet about it (prior to, during, and after the event) using the hash tags #CelebrateJDay and #eatplaygive. A list of sample tweets is available here.
  • Everyone participating in J Day will use the same tag line: “Eat. Play. Give.”
  • Everyone participating in J Day will use the same J Day branding, download here.
  • Participating sponsors are responsible for ordering and purchasing J Day t-shirts for all participants joining their events.
  • J Day is a great opportunity to educate elected officials about the power and benefits of
    international exchange. Learn more here.