Code of Conduct

The members of the Alliance for International Exchange are nongovernmental organizations that conduct and support cultural and educational international exchange programs. The Alliance adheres to, promotes, and expects the highest ethical standards of professional practice among its membership.

Standards of professional practice include: understanding and complying with all government laws, rules, and regulations; choosing the course of highest quality and integrity; offering the fullest possible equality of opportunity; and treating all individuals with dignity regardless of their national origin. The Alliance and its members strive to avoid any action that may discredit the organization, its membership or the profession.

The Alliance and its members work closely with the State Department and U.S. Embassies around the world to promote program quality and to ensure that participant satisfaction levels remain at their historically high levels.

The Alliance expects compliance with its standards of integrity throughout its membership and will not condone actions that fail to comply with the law, regulations, or high standards of professional practice. 

September 2013 (updated October 2015)